Who’s that girl?

*And what exactly is a Finefrock?

Born and raised in OH-IO, Amelia Finefrock is a rising twenty-something with an appetite for black coffee, breaking out into song and bad puns. A past American Idol contestant, Amelia works with KMA Management and when she is not belting, you can find her co-hosting the Blind Justice Podcast – where Injury Law meets comical-nonsensical-singing-side commentary and shenanigans. Yes, you read that correctly.

*Finefrock is German for “owner of five frocks” – and to answer your question, we are not quite sure what a frock is or if we own any… #tobecontinued

So you want to know more?

Amelia has been singing since the womb and shortly after birth, decided to stick with it.

Her senior year of high school, Amelia competed as a Top 300 Contestant on American Idol: Season 11. Shortly after, Amelia decided to continue pursuing music; studying musical theater as well as straight acting at Kent State and The Chicago Conservatory of the Performing Arts, finishing with a focus in Radio, TV & Broadcast from Illinois Media School.

In this time, Amelia worked just about every job behind and in front of the camera, voicing over video games, producing packages for Windy City Underground and doing commercial/TV work around the city. While she had way too much fun doing these projects, Amelia is most proud of her Weekend Update-style show where she wrote, edited, and hosted her own segments for the satirical show, The Agenda on TV2-KSU.

Amelia has also served as an Assistant Teacher with David Petro’s Casting and sister company, Broadway BreakThrough, alongside top Broadway performers and casting directors including Sam Samuelson and Nora Brennan. She has also served as a Casting Agent with Sandra Dee Casting based in L.A. on The Next Torrid Model.

In addition, Amelia has worked on web content creation with WGN-Studios, Kathryn Janicek Productions, Rare, Viralized, Pairaide and NativeMobile.

When Amelia is not writing for the Nameless Network, she sings with the Grammy-Award Winning Steely-Dan tribute Band, Deacon Blues.

So what’s next for Amelia?

To wrap it up in one big shiny bow, as the late David Bowie once famously and frankly put it –

“I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring.”