Truth or Truth?

TruthorTruth-1I have always loved Jimmy Fallon. Not just for his older-brother’s-nerdy-friend type looks or endearing and frequent breaks between character, but for his quirky, pee your pants, squeal-level game ideas for his late night tv show. *cue fitting in the title of this blog*

Now that that’s over..

If I were to have a blog (and/or vlog), I would parody the news because that’s what I want to read. Write what you know, right? #onionify

I’ve always gravitated toward getting my news through SNL, Facebook & the Onion (is this terrible, probably) but it is what grabbed my attention as a self centered nineteen-year old millennial who only wanted to consume whip cream vodka and Swedish fish (hey, we’ve all been there) and launched me into this grown ass woman who now knows what’s going on in the world and has a political opinion (and now gets her news additionally through other means…most of the time).

And to help other nineteen year old’s much like myself (and those above said age) I will be delivering my lens of truth of the latest news. Though opinions will be present, they won’t be delivered sugar coated or diced and sliced. It will be raw. It will be honest. It will be so goddamn hilarious that you will share it with all your friends on Facebook INCLUDING YOUR MOTHER. HA. You know it’s funny when your mom who doesn’t get jokes laughs.

Also, I think it is one of the most intelligent angles to trick people into reading your content because everyone loves to laugh and the news, is just that, news. What makes the truth even more interesting? The truth about the truth. Mind blown yet? Mine is. Time for a nap.